In addition to his trial practice, Attorney Rossi serves as the General Counsel to a number of companies and non-profit organizations throughout Massachusetts. In his role of General Counsel, Attorney Rossi counsels his individual and corporate clients on the application of legal principles to business areas such as:

  • short and long-term planning
  • senior and mid-level management
  • successor planning
  • finance
  • human resources
  • operations
  • contracts (employment, as well as vendor/partner)
  • other management best practices

Many companies of various sizes today are faced with issues related to employee requests for Covid 19 vaccination exemptions.  Attorney Rossi can advise your business on its legal obligations when faced with these requests, regardless if they are religious or medical-related.

His counsel focuses on a teams approach to provide guidance and insight on ways to avoid the risk of lawsuits, claims and other adverse actions through the use of thoughtful communications, negotiated agreements, the implementation of successful management protocols and policies, and, when necessary, the creative and effective use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration which can serve as speedy and inexpensive mechanisms for resolving disputes.

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